About us

Commencement is only a promise; a promise to work towards advancing a relationship, a work, an idea, or a politics. In this process, the subject of the promise may succumb to exhaustion, doubt or resignation. Or in contrast, the subject may not realize the changes in the world around her/him and stick to the moment of commencement. The subject of promise faces these two possibilities. To us, Nawextناوه‌خت (meaning untimeliness in English) is the promise of changing the world with the tools we have, which is mainly language in its different forms of expression, to the point of changing language itself. Those who write and think in a language other than the languages of modernity understand this. Nawext is the result of a promise, and it will always be true to the moment of commencement. It is not a political party, nor it is a school to teach the 'ignorant'. It neither thinks that oppression is an outcome of ignorance nor believes that only theory can change the world. At the same time, it insists on the classic question of the oppressed: “What to do?” and what can be done? The answers to these questions have no boundaries. We do not claim to have the final answer, but we know that oppression is not a natural state; We believe that equality is the starting point and not the destination; and that if we lose the resistance, none of us, or those that come after us, and even those who came before us will be safe. It is not about apocalypse. But children of war always have the "extreme state" in mind when they think about the world, and every moment can be the moment of emancipation for them. To stay true to this perennial moment here and now is the objective of this website and this project as a whole. What remains is persistence and the forms to which internal dialectics evolve.

Nawext is not the product of an individual, an institution, or a particular group of people. It is a collective endeavor that is always evolving. Some people started the project. Some are still around, some got tired and left, and some new people have joined the project. We do expect this turn around to continue, as we see it as a reality and necessity of any collective work. Nawext has not had a chief editor or an editorial board to this day, and it has avoided to deduct its work to an individual's credit with the symbolic capital attached to it. One of the main pillars of Nawext’s work is in Kurdistan and on the shoulders of some people who must stay anonymous in order to continue their work, especially in Rojhelat and Bakur of Kurdistan. Nawext is a multimedia and multilingual project that was launched in 2016. This website is the newest addition of the Nawext project. It is in three languages of Kurdish (Sorani), English, and Farsi. The Kurdish and English sections of the website consist of a podcast in their respective languages.