Graffiti about Kurdistan around the World


In the last decade and especially after the beginning of the revolution in Rojava, many graffiti about Kurdistan and the Kurdish people’s struggle have appeared on the walls of some of the major cities of Europe and North America. The most prominent one, of course, is a mural by Banksy that took over the famous site for street art in New York, the Houston Bowery wall, July 2018. This mural is a protest over the imprisonment of the Kurdish artist Zehra Dogan. She was imprisoned in Turkey at that time for a painting about the destruction of the Kurdish cities in Bakur, Northern Kurdistan (Turkey). The majority of other graffiti collected here are anonymous works. There is another type of street art related to the Kurdish struggle that is produced by the young generation of the Kurdish Diaspora in Europe, and they can be found in different cities such as Paris, Rome, but particularly in Berlin. The dominant themes in most of these graffiti are related to the resistance in Kurdistan led by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Rojava revolution.

What you see here is a collection of photos of graffiti about Kurdistan from cities around the world. Most of these photos belong to Nawext, and other ones are from social media.

Berlin, Mykonos restaurant, 2014
Tehran, 2015
Berlin, Oberbaumbrücke, 2016
Paris, Université Paris 8, 2017
Berlin, Kreuzberg, 2016
Unknown place
Rome, March 2019
Berlin, Cafe Kotti, 2015
Berlin,bethanienhaus, 2014
Brescia, April 2019
Rome, March 2019
Rome, March 2019
Rome, March 2019
Brescia, April 2019
Rome, March 2019
Berlin, 2019
Sulaimani, 2019
Darbandixan, 2017
Medienberichte Göttingen 2014
 Berlin, Kreuzberg, 2017
Diyarbakir, Turkey, Bakur, 2016
Hamid Nikkhah, Mariwan
 Chiapas, Photo by: Santiago Montecruz
Tehran, Across from Turkey Embassy, 2014
Berlin, 2016
Amed Olt Town
Sulaymaniyah, 2016
Tehran, Nafir, 2019
By Rasan Organisation in Slemani
Berlin, 2019
Berlin, Kreuzberg, 2015
Berlin, Kreuzberg, 2016
Banksy, New York, 2015
Berlin, Across from Iran Embassy, 2016
Celleheute, 2018
Diyarbakır, 2015
Saqqez, 2015
Erbil, 2019

23 آوریل, 2019