Interview with Abbas Vali on his Book, The Forgotten Years of Kurdish Nationalism in Iran

Sardar Saadi

In this episode, I talk to Prof. Abbas Vali on his upcoming book, The Forgotten Years of Kurdish Nationalism in Iran. This book investigates the forgotten years of Kurdish nationalism in Iran, from the fall of the Kurdish republic in 1947 to the advent of the Iranian revolution in 1979. It sheds light not only on the historical specificity of the phenomenon of nationalism in exile, but also on the political processes and practices defining the development of Kurdish nationalism in the post-revolutionary era. For many reasons, as we discuss that in detail in the interview, little is known about the three decades of Kurdish nationalism in exile between these two events. And this is another reason that makes this book groundbreaking. This book will be published by Palgrave Macmillan, part of Minorities in West Asia and North Africa book series that is edited by Kamran Matin and Paolo Maggiolini.

Abbas Vali is former chair of modern social and political thought at the department of sociology at Boğazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. He is the author and editor of a number of books and articles on Kurdish nationalism and identity and political history of Iran. You can find some of his writings on his page on academia at:


17 Apr, 2019