Revival of Efrin


"The Revival of Olive" (Jîyanewey Zeytûn) is a song in solidarity of the resistance against the occupation of Afrin. It is produced and performed by a group of artists from Kurdistan, and it is for the first time published on Nawext website.

In order not to let oppression become a natural state and a forgotten issue, it must be continually commemorated and represented through art. Because silence over oppression has the potential danger to let us forget that it’s there, there’s colony and that the oppressor and the oppressed change roles and the colonialist may change its role into the savior. Afrin is the most recent example of this colonialism and art must not stay silent towards it. This piece of work is a struggle for this fight against forgetting.


The revival of Olive

We are a tough, steamed river
We are filled with vigor and sunlight
We transform into clouds, wind and love
And rain over the earth again

From here on to the moon and the fish
This is our land
From now on to Freedom
The universe ticks by our time

It‌s war, the war of light
The motherland is filled with purity
We gave our hearts to freedom
Our hearts are all humble

We are a Forest of belief
We are like a grassland
Olive is our pupils
We are the hills, the mountains, and the oceans

It is the land of Barin
Slavery and failure do not belong here
There's a song in our throats
It is the call of love and revival

It is the land of Barin
Kobani is a religion here
Afrin means freedom to us
And freedom is our lives

Masoud fathi





Vocals: najla & cengiz yazgi
Lyrics : masoud fathi
Music & arr : afshin
Mix master : siyamak
Records : studio metronome
Lyrics translated by:savan ako &naska
Video & Edit: Haneh.Çavken
Project manager : firmesk muhammad

17 Mar, 2019